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DevOps chuyên AWS có kinh nhiệm Security (YoE từ 2 năm)

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Date Posted: 13-12-2023
About the Company:
Industry: Phần mềm



+ Purpose
The DevOps Engineer will be primarily focused on AWS infrastructure and automation. A key part of the role is championing and leading
infrastructure as code. The Engineer will be responsible for building, managing and automating the AWS infrastructure.
+ Key Responsibilities
● Implement scalable, resilient, secure and highly available solutions on the AWS cloud.
● Work collaboratively to define infrastructure and deployment requirements.
● Provision, configure and maintain AWS cloud infrastructure defined as code.
● Ensure configuration and compliance with configuration management tools.
● Participate in automation initiatives to streamline processes, improve efficiencies and reduce hosting cost.
● Analyse and troubleshoot complex software and infrastructure issues, and develop tools/ systems for task automation.
● Build and maintain operational tools for deployment, monitoring, and analysis of AWS infrastructure and systems.
● Deliver cloud projects in an Agile environment.
● Support for the business as needed for critical and escalated issue.
● Responsible for managing and upgrading DevOps toolsets.
● Maintaining 100% automation coverage of core Insight build and deploy using cloud-native services and containers.
● Participate in research and development to deliver complex cloud-native solutions or on-premises.
+ Qualifications and Experience
● At least 2 years of experience building and maintaining AWS infrastructure (API Gateway, Lambda, VPC, EC2, Security Groups, IAM, ECS, CodeDeploy, CloudFront, S3).
● Solid experience in designing and implementing DevOps solutions.
● Strong understanding of how to secure AWS environments and meet compliance requirements.
● Experience with deploying applications on AWS.
● Proficient in AWS SAM.
● Ability to learn/use a wide variety of open source technologies and tools.
● AWS Certifications will be highly regarded.
+ Skills and Competencies
● AWS Knowledge - A deep understanding of the AWS ecosystem is
crucial. This includes services like EC2, S3, RDS, ELB, VPC, Route53, Lambda, IAM, CloudWatch. Ability to design and deploy dynamically scalable and reliable applications on AWS.
● Infrastructure as Code (IaC) - Proficient in AWS CloudFormation or similar technologies like Terraform. Ability to model and provision AWS resources in an automated and secure manner.
● CI/CD - Understanding of continuous integration and continuous deployment is vital. Familiarity with tools like GitHub Actions, AWS CodePipeline, and AWS CodeBuild.
● Configuration Management - Knowledge of tools like Ansible, Chef, or Puppet to automate app deployment, configuration management, and orchestration tasks.
● Scripting and Programming - Skills in scripting languages like Python, Ruby, or Bash to automate tasks and manipulate data.
● Containerization and Orchestration - Knowledge of Docker and orchestration platforms like Kubernetes or AWS ECS to manage and deploy containers.
● Monitoring and Logging - Ability to implement monitoring and logging solutions using tools like AWS CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail, or ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana).
● Networking - Understanding of network technologies as they relate to AWS, such as VPCs, Subnets, Security Groups, and more, is essential.
● Security - Good understanding of security concepts with hands-on experience in implementing security controls and compliance requirements.
● Problem-Solving Skills - Strong problem-solving skills to diagnose and address any issues that arise during the development and deployment process.
● Communication Skills - Ability to effectively collaborate with various teams and stakeholders, explaining complex technical concepts in a clear manner.
● Continuous Learning - Commitment to learning new technologies and keeping up-to-date with industry trends.
● Teamwork - Ability to work effectively in a team, respecting and valuing the different contributions of its members
● Creativity - Ability to come up with innovative solutions to software problems.

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