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RUST DEVELOPER (3 senior và 1 Tech Lead )

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Date Posted: 09-04-2024
Salary: Thoả Thuận
About the Company:
Industry: Web3 Industry AI/ ML



Description of rust project:
Building unique validated data chains that will be provided for training LLM models. The solution is to create a blockchain network with subnets where each user (ledger) sending thematic data for a specific subnet receives a reward in case the data passes validation.
We are seeking: Senior Rust developer (3 developers); Rust Tech Lead (1 developer)

About the project:
The project is a system for generating and providing large volumes of data to users for training LLM models by storing metadata and deploying data chains via blockchain. This system implements 4 layers of interaction - Application, Platform, Network and Blockchain. Each of the layers implements collection, validation, filtering, storage, metadata chain and other functionality.

Must experience:
Rust (3+ years), Substrate
Knowledge of relational/NoSQL databases
Experience with RabbitMQ/Kafka or other queues
Experience with AWS
Experience in writing smart contracts
Docker, containerization

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