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Techbank tuyển Hybrid 3 ngày/tuần - 2Java senior tiếng anh tốt

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Date Posted: 15-09-2023
About the Company:



The job description:
● Join Company’s software development projects.
● Main requirement is to develop RESTful web services by interacting with backend systems which are Phoenix HBase and everything is on cloud GCP.
● Job descriptions will be discussed during the interview for details.
Your Skills and Experience:
● Proficient in English
● Bachelor’s or master’s degree in engineering Computer Science, Software Engineering or equivalent discipline.
● 7+ years of hands-on development experience, primarily using Java.
● Experience and knowledge of databases – both relational and NoSQL.
● Working knowledge of Java, Spring, Hibernate, REST, XML, JSON, Message Queues, databases – both relational and non-relational.
● Working knowledge of distributed messaging and streaming platforms, such as Apache Kafka Streams as well as dealing with unbounded data.
● Comprehensive understanding of software systems, including the compiler/JVM/garbage collection, distributed systems, optimizers and compilers.
● Understanding of the TCP stack and MQTT/HTTP based protocols.
● Knowledge and hands-on experience in docker development and deployments such as Kubernetes.
● Knowledge of one of the major cloud providers(Azure/AWS/GCP).
● Knowledge of CI/CD based workflow
● Nice to have NodeJS experience

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