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Senior DBA

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Date Posted: 05-09-2023
About the Company:



Request Details:

Title = Azure PostgreSQL DBA
Number of Resources = 1
Seniority = Intermediate/Senior
Required Tech Stack = Azure PostgreSQL.
Optional Stack – Banking Experience, Oracle, SQL servers
Start Date = ASAP
Duration = Long Term
Budget Sensitivity = 1/3 (Less Cost Sensitive)
Soft Skills = Fluent English to work directly on an international team
Interviews = 15 min HR screening, followed by a technical session
Overlap = Standard dally overlap with North America East Coast (EST) until minimum 11 EST.
Office = 100% Remote Work

Details on the Job Description:

You will join an Operations Team, responsible for supporting a data warehouse providing business critical data for our Canadian Bank customers. As a Sr. PostgreSQL DBA, you will be accountable for the overall database health, security, and performance. You have good verbal and written communication skills and can work effectively within a global support team. You will work primarily during Canadian business hours (Eastern Time), after hours on-call work is required.

Details on Primary Responsibilities:

Installation and Configuration:
Set up and configure Azure Database for PostgreSQL instances according to the functional and non-functional requirements.
Manage database parameters and configuration settings to optimize performance, security, and resource usage.

Database Design and Modeling:
Collaborate with developers and architects to implement efficient and scalable database structures (tables, views, data models, etc.).
Assist in planning and implementing data migration strategies between different Azure PostgreSQL instances or other database systems.

Performance Tuning and Optimization:
Proactively monitor and analyze database performance metrics to identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement.
Implement best practices for query optimization, indexing, and database configuration settings to enhance performance.
Enhance and maintain monitoring frameworks.

Backup and Recovery:
Define, implement, and maintain a comprehensive backup and recovery strategy for Azure PostgreSQL databases, according to established policies and standards.
Regularly test backup and recovery procedures to ensure data integrity and availability. Adapt and refine backup and recovery procedures and documentation, accordingly.

Security and Compliance:
Implement and enforce database security policies, including user access control, encryption, and data masking.
Monitor and audit database activities to ensure compliance with organizational and regulatory requirements.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery:
Design, configure, and manage high availability and disaster recovery solutions for Azure PostgreSQL instances, such as read replicas and failover groups.
Regularly test and review the effectiveness of these solutions to ensure business continuity.

Monitoring and Maintenance:
Proactively monitor database health, performance, and resource usage using Azure Monitor, Query Store, and other monitoring tools.
Perform routine database maintenance tasks, such as updating statistics, reorganizing indexes, and managing storage.

Troubleshooting and Support:
Diagnose and resolve database-related issues, collaborating with developers, infrastructure teams, and other stakeholders to ensure smooth operations.
Provide technical support and guidance to users and developers on PostgreSQL-related matters.

Documentation and Knowledge Sharing:
Create and maintain accurate documentation of database architectures, procedures, and policies.
Share knowledge and best practices with team members and other stakeholders to enhance overall database administration skills and expertise.

Staying Updated:
Keep up to date with the latest Azure and PostgreSQL features, updates, and best practices.
Continuously learn and adapt to new technologies and techniques to improve database management and performance.

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