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Senior Cloud Engineer

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Date Posted: 13-09-2022
About the Company:



Collaborate with other Cloud & Data Engineers to evaluate and identify optimal cloud architectures for custom solutions. You will design, build, and deploy AWS applications at the direction of other architects including data processing, statistical modeling, and advanced analytics.
Design for scale, including systems that auto-scale and auto-heal. Via automation, you will relentlessly strive to eliminate manual toil.
Maintain cloud stacks utilized in running our custom solutions, troubleshoot infrastructure-related issues causing solution outage or degradation, and implement necessary fixes. You will implement monitoring tools and dashboards to evaluate the health, usage and availability of custom solutions running in the cloud.
Assist with building, testing, and maintaining CI/CD pipelines, infrastructure, and other tools to allow for the speedy deployment and release of solutions in the cloud.
Consistently improve the current state by regularly reviewing existing cloud solutions and making recommendations for improvements (such as resiliency, reliability, autoscaling, and cost control), and incorporating modern infrastructure as code deployment practices using tools such as CloudFormation, Terraform, Ansible, etc.
Identify, analyze, and resolve infrastructure vulnerabilities and application deployment issues. You will collaborate with our Security Guild members to implement company-preferred security and compliance policies across the cloud infrastructure running our custom solutions.
Educate Senior Engineers on the implementation and usage of new cloud technologies and initiatives.

Minimum 5 years of work experience as a Cloud Engineer building AWS cloud solutions.
Strong experience in deploying infrastructure as code using tools like CloudFormation and Terraform.
Strong experience with scripting languages and writing scripts.
Sustained track record of making significant, self-directed, and end-to-end contributions to building, monitoring, securing and maintaining cloud-native solutions, including data processing and analytics solutions through services such as Segmen, BigQuery and Kafka.
Exposure to the art of ETL, automation tools such as AWS Glue, and presentation layer services such as Data Studio, and Tableau.
Knowledge of web services, API, and REST.
Exposure to deploying applications and microservices written in programming languages such as PHP and NodeJS to AWS.
Fluent in English.

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