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Date Posted: 03-09-2021
About the Company:



1. Job responsibilities:
● Maintain and develop the Product Roadmap, including the Innovation Lab Roadmap: evolve product vision, product roadmap, and product strategy.
● Facilitate the creation and maintenance of proper product documentation.
● Be the face of customers by understanding and representing their needs and product requirements.
● Analyse competitors’ products, conduct capability analysis regularly and explore new ways to improve the Product, whilst assessing and addressing technical risks.
● Work with the development team to ensure that product requirements are understood.
● Translate product strategy into detailed requirements for prototype (new functionality) construction and final product development (pushing to live), including securing support from AWS (via continued ISV accreditation).
● Support the development team to ensure customer satisfaction goals are met, across internal and external customers.
● Work within a software development methodology like Agile.
● Coordinate product releases with marketing, sales, and development teams.
● Ensure that user story content and prioritization is aligned to larger strategic objectives.
● Uncover and understand customer needs and translate them into requirements.
● Ability to work well with internal teams, including developers, engineers, architects, quality assurance, and operations. Ensure requirements are fully understood and that implementation plans match expectations.
● Understand, research, and follow technical trends in the industry and in general. Able to assess emerging products and companies to measure their potential value or threat to company’s product, as well as make recommendations on which new technologies to invest in or leverage, primarily through the Product Innovation Lab.
● Provide internal and customer training on how to use the product.
● Answer incoming questions about the product and its capabilities.
● Understand and analyse data pipelines, algorithms, and automated systems.
● Serve as a product evangelist and subject matter expert to the wider Product team, external stakeholders, advisors and investors (and the wider technical developer community)
● Coordinate beta tests.
● Use database queries to analyse performance indicators, evaluate experiments, etc.
● Define success criteria for testing and product acceptance.

2. Experience, Requirements:
The role needs a technical background and understanding, however once in the job, the key to success will be the same as for every Product Manager role: keeping customer focus, driving a vision, and ensuring The Product meets market needs.

2.1. Technical Background
A technical background is essential, accompanied with a degree in Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field. A technical degree is not paramount, but having tech and PM equivalent experience across areas such as SaaS, Martech platforms, direct to client, White Labelling and unassisted online sales is required.

2.2. Strong Business Acumen
Even though the role involves a lot of technology responsibilities, it is still a product management position. Being successful in the position requires the ability to understand company strategy, commercial and economic drivers. Understand costs (fixed and variable), and multiple revenue streams, to ensure The Product remains profitable in the short and long-term. Ability to construct a budget to manage ongoing maintenance and support, plus construct business cases for new development functionality. Presenting with confidence to Product Senior Team and stakeholders.

2.3. Excellent Communication Skills
The TPM will need to translate the strategy into execution. This involves communicating with strictly business-minded people and with strictly technical-minded people, and ensuring that both sides have the needs fulfilled in an optimal way. It is key that the TPM is comfortable getting into deep technical discussions with developers (and users) about the pros and cons of different approaches.

2.4. User-Centric Attitude
The TPM must be a champion in solving customer’s problems. Understanding and empathizing with who the Product is serving is key to thrive in this position. The TPM must be able to identify the technical aspects that can contribute to the user’s (internal and external clients) success; this will happen through direct communication with users of the Product.

2.5. System Thinker, Innovator
The TPM will operate in a highly dynamic environment, so they must have experience determining the best course of action based on the whole. They need to be able to break down barriers to improve interactions and efficiency, whilst developing scalable and performance-driven enhancements. The TPM will also manage the Product Innovation Lab alongside CTO and CEO, to ensure cutting-edge innovations are assessed, developed, tested and deployed live.

2.6. Additional skills:
● Good IT skills (Microsoft Excel, Google Docs: Word, Excel, PowerPoint; GDocs equivalents).
● Ability to understand new issues quickly and make wise decisions.
● Ability to inspire confidence and create trust.
● Ability to work under pressure, a proactive approach to problem solving, and to plan personal workload effectively, and delegate.

2.7. Communication
● Maintain an open line of communication with the Product and company’s executive team, board members, management, staff, clients, potential clients and suppliers.
● Conduct business in an honest and truthful manner.
● Deal with others in a professional manner, always showing courtesy and respect.
● Excellent interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to develop effective working relationships.
● Manage globally based client leads and communication tools.

3. Working Hours
The Company’s normal hours of work for all employees are from Monday to Friday, 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. with a break between 12.00 p.m. to 12.30 p.m. for lunch. Given the nature of the position and geographic location, the TPM will be required to work from time to time outside of these hours and in such case, no payment for overtime will be given.

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