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1 Middle - AI ENGINEER (NLP)

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Date Posted: 21-02-2024
Salary: Thoả Thuận
Location: Hà Nội
About the Company:
Industry: Phần mềm



Job type:
Flexible working hours from Monday to Friday, ensuring 40+hrs. We need A player, who can work like hell, if you prefer a 9-5 job, this might not be a suitable company for you.

Location: Work from anywhere.

Reporting line: Head of Products

Number of headcounts: 01

Your responsibilities
We are looking for AI Engineers who can handle the NLP domain. Please note that we are not building specific models, but we build an end2end AI platform for AI engineers to build and deploy on it so your role is not to build a single model.
Maintain and optimize NLP models to ensure their performance and reliability.
Conduct regular monitoring and testing to identify and rectify issues and anomalies.
Implement model updates, fine-tuning, and retraining as necessary.
Collaborate with other peers to write tech documentation.
Keep up-to-date with AI research and best practices.
Other relevant tasks assigned by line managers.

Education & Experiences
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/Information Technology; Electrical/Telecommunication or related Engineering fields, Mathematics;
At least 2-3 years working experience in real projects, with the experience building the model from scratch.
At least 1 year of experience with Django.
Candidates with the background working on NLP models or active learning/auto learning/federated learning are highly preferred.
Good at one of programming languages: Python, C++, Java (Python is most preferred);
Knowledge of deployment and integration of AI models into applications.
Strong problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and the ability to troubleshoot issues in AI models.
Ability to read and implement research papers quickly and apply ideas to related problems;
Strong analytical skills and mindset;
Good at writing technical reports and presentations of technical problems (in English);
Good at English (reading and writing skills);
Other attitude characteristics: proactive, responsible, can-do, and get-thing-done.

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